Puterbaugh History

We’ve all experienced it. We’ve been unexpectedly drawn to the man in the room that seems larger than life. He appears smarter, taller, wittier, and more self assured than other men around him. His eyes twinkle just a bit more, his voice commands a tad more presence and his intelligence and business acumen is hard-earned and God-given at the same time. Charming, savvy, generous and driven, with a desire to both acquire and give away wealth, Jay Garfield Puterbaugh was a giant among men. Parlaying his gift for sales and numbers with a true appreciation for people and his community, Jay rose to be one of the most acclaimed and heralded renaissance men of his time. Together with his first wife, Lela, and his second wife, Alene, he built a fuel empire that still to this day funds numerous global philanthropic and humanitarian projects. We welcome you to visit the Puterbaugh estate at 345 East Adams, walk among its historic gardens and relax back into a time period where gracious living prevailed and an entrepreneurial spirit made coal king and put McAlester on the map.

Read on for an in depth look into the man, and the family, that created a legacy of giving, and made The Mansion their home.

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"As soon as I stepped foot onto the grounds I knew my wedding was meant to be there... The lush greenery in the gardens, the romantic paths, the beautiful wooden cross, it all looks like something from a fairytale."

- Liz W